Achieving operational excellence and sustainability goals

Kelvin enables smarter control decisions that increase profitability, optimize efficiency, achieve sustainability goals and help organizations get to net zero.

Globe_iconAccelerate your speed to net zero with industrial intelligence that paves the way to a future of production optimization. Kelvin helps you find inefficiencies seamlessly so you can drive production excellence with a unified view in real time.

leverage data and analytics
Do you want to leverage the power of data and analytics?


Kelvin unlocks this power for your business, turning data analysis into actionable insights that prevent errors, and create an impact when making controlled decisions.
optimize and empower
Do you want to optimize production and empower your teams?


Kelvin provides you with self-service technology tools that connect your processes, and help you take actions that meet your sustainability and profitability goals.
speed to value
Do you want to break down silos and increase speed to value?


Collaborative control with Kelvin unifies human understanding and artificial intelligence to make a positive impact on the real world.

Achieving industrial optimization


This is the first step. Unify existing data streams, historical data silos and new sensor technologies.


Once your information is unified, this layer uses information to find patterns and derive insights.


This is where insights convert into control decisions.


The challenge of sustainability

Icon_alertFugitive emissions are responsible for more than 5% of global carbon

20%_v3of energy used by industries today is wasted

Companies have to:

tick_iconFind and fix fugitive emissions

tick_iconLeverage AI and automation

tick_iconOptimize operations 

tick_iconPhase in renewables

tick_iconCut carbon and drive profits

tick_iconFormulate robust environmental, social and governance goals and policies

The question is… HOW?



Kelvin solves your business challenges with Kelvin Maps and Kelvin Copilots.

Kelvin Maps provides visualization of the production process to find, cut and prevent emissions and other issues. Kelvin Copilots empowers engineers to manage workflows through collaborative control. 

With Kelvin, you can connect intelligence to optimize operations, and transform your sustainability posture, while redefining your organization’s pace in the race to net zero. 


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